Welcome to The Village Charter School!

We are a tuition-free public Leadership School located in Boise, Idaho serving students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Cultivating Critical Thinkers & Confident Leaders

Your child is a leader! They might not know it yet, but don't worry, we will help you to bring it out in them! It's just what we do!

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Leadership Focus
Grades k-8
The Village is a Free Public Charter School Located in Boise, Idaho Near Milwaukee and Fairview Ave, Next to Winco 7 Habits
Hands-on Learning
Gifted Program
4 Day School Week
We serve both Elementary and Middle School Students from Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade.

As a parent, you have so much to teach your child! By sending them to The Village Charter School, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is empowered every day to make a positive impact on the world!

Mission Statement

The Village Charter School provides hands-on curriculum to cultivate students to be critical thinkers and confident leaders in a safe, supportive and loving environment. 

Our Village includes passionate, supportive and encouraging teachers, administrators, parents and community members all working together to support our students.

Your child's education should be fun, engaging, and exciting! Your student's unique learning style and interests are important to our teachers. We believe that there is no limit to how far your student can go!

Learning at TVCS is hands-on, project based group work, that is creative, challenging, engaging, fun and sometimes loud! We have a Full-Time Gifted and Talented teacher to provide advanced enrichment activities for our advanced learners. Limitless Learning is innovative support to challenge all learners and provide extended learning opportunities.

When you enroll at The Village Charter School your family becomes a part of a larger school community. We look forward to getting to know you and your family! Our teachers and the PTO can always use extra hands!

Whole Child
Community Feel
Dedicated Staff
We believe that character education is as important as academics. We spend dedicated classtime learning how to be better citizens. Our village includes teachers, students, administrators, parents and community members all working together to support our students. Our caring, committed staff love what they do! They work to ignite the "Love of Learning" in our students.

Your child needs to be prepared for life beyond school. They need to understand how to pursuit goals and become responsible, productive citizens. Your student will find success as they learn to be accountable for their choices, considerate of those around them, and equip themselves for the future with tools like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I am accountable for me.
You are accountable for you.
I am accountable to my classmates and my teacher and my school.
I consider other's feelings before I think or act. 
I treat others how I want to be treated and expect them to do the same.
When I leave TVCS, I will be equipped with tools to be accountable and considerate in my interactions with those around me.

As a parent, it can be hard to help your child to "fit-in". At TVCS your student can spend less time worrying about what to wear, and more time focused on learning, feeling safe, and unified with their fellow students. We dress for Success! Does your child have a favorite color? Any color polo is acceptable!

Students can learn without the fear of being teased, bullied or harrassed for their clothing choices and overall behavior issues are decreased. Our dress code reduces conflict from socio-economic status and promotes a greater sense of school identity and belonging to our school community. Our dress code supports our Leadership focus. Our students look professional as they represent our school in the community.

Your child will love having a four-day school week! We don't have school on Fridays. Ever.

By offering a four-day school week, your student will be in class Monday through Thursday learning and growing. Every Friday, your student gets to learn at home (or spend time with one of our childcare partners) and every Friday, your child's teachers will spend the day improving their classrooms. It's a win-win, we believe that as your student's teachers become better teachers, student's education experience will improve!

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