April 14, 2020

Dear Patrons,

Thank you for your cooperation and support in picking up the materials for your children. At this point in time we have had 99% of our families drive by the school and collect materials. Everyone has been very nice and supportive, and from the entire team at the school we all want say thank you for your ongoing heroic efforts to help your children continue to grow as learners.

As we know some of our families have more than four children, for those specific families we will be offering a second Chromebook to use. Of course this will not fully correct the challenge associated with the sharing of laptops at home between multiple siblings; however we are hopeful it will help.

Presently we are in our 30th day since we had children at the school, and unfortunately it was reported to me we now have one child in our community that has tested positive for Covid-19. Please note the child and his family are currently in isolation based on CDC guidelines, and as we have exceeded the incubation period for the virus to have appeared in other school families, it is apparent there was no transmission to other students in the TVCS community.

The family is working with our county health department and local support agencies, and hospitalization of the child at this time has not occurred. Again, while this case is in no direct way linked to our school, I still wanted families to be aware of the illness. Please send your good thoughts to the child, his siblings and parents during this difficult time.

Lastly, based on the Idaho State Board of Education decision with respect to recommending all schools practice a continuance of a soft closure for the rest of the year, it is highly likely TVCSwill continue with the current distance learning format for the remainder of the fourth quarter. A final decision in regard to the direction put forth by the State Board of Education will be decided at the next school board meeting on April 16th. Heavily influencing the decision to remain in soft closure will be the consideration of the fact we currently have eight members of the teaching staff who either have underlying health issues that would put them at high risk of having a fatal episode with the virus if they returned to work at this time.

We care about the health, safety, and well-being of all members of our community. As it has been stated numerous times in the media, we are alone and together in this trial. Collectively we will prevail over this challenge, and doing so is made easier by the commitment all of our families have for our community.

Thank you,

Tony Richard Lead Administrator