April 2, 2020


Please know at this time we still have no confirmed cases of the virus within our school community. We

do have information that several families are experiencing flu like symptoms at this time, and as a result

they are continuing to stay at home and not interact with family members outside of their immediate

homes. In the event we have any family share a positive result for the virus, the information will be

posted on our website, although we will not be able to post the name of the person(s).

As was mentioned previously, we will be conducting a parent pick-up of materials beginning April 6 and

continuing through April 7, 2020. The process of signing up for a time slot has been sent out to families

this week; however if you did not receive a notice, please use the link provided below to choose a time

to come by the school.


Additionally I would like to stress the importance of having only one individual at a time getting out of

their car to collect materials. Materials for each family coming through will be placed on a table for easy

access by our patrons. In advance, thank you for your cooperation in helping to maintain the safety of

everyone in our community by following the guidelines for the pick-up.

In respect to the distribution of Chromebooks, although they will not be essential until after the first two

weeks of our return since we have hard copy materials for all families, we will begin distribution of

Chromebooks to families of children in the middle school grades on April 6 th . Please note we will ONLY

be distributing Chromebooks to families that presently have no device that can link to the internet, and

who have one or more children in middle school. The reason for this is the school does not presently

have enough Chromebooks for a one to one distribution for every child enrolled. (Note: Based on the

number of Chromebooks our survey results showed, we do have a sufficient number given people that

already have an internet capable device at home don’t request a Chromebook.) We will follow up the

next week with a distribution to grades 3 through 5, and then with K through grade 2.

Please know that if you are going to be receiving a Chromebook from the school, a message will be

posted on our website from our IT supervisor Robert Mason, and it will require an electronic signature

from you before we can release the technology to your family. The form will be up on our website by

this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. for your completion.

The teachers at the school will also be sending to your attention timeslots as to when they will be

available to speak with you and your children. To allow for the greatest amount of flexibility, the

teachers have been directed to set up their own unique schedules for offering support for families.

Granted everyone will be working from home; however teachers will still be working their contractual

hours Monday through Friday.

We are in a partnership with you. The education of your children and their safety is of primary

importance. Please help us ensure we do not lose instructional time with your children. Setting a

consistent time frame of four hours (or more) of study each day with the materials you are provided is

important, and it will not happen without your support. In advance, my thanks for your caring and help

to insure learning will continue in these difficult times.


Tony Richard

Lead Administrator, TVCS