5th-8th grade students (released at 3:45) without younger siblings will be walked to our staging area near the front office for pick up. Please pull up to our double gate, as students will be loading between the two areas.

5th-8th grade students with K-4 siblings will remain within our fenced yard to wait for the younger grades to be released at 4:15.

Upon dismissal, 5th-8th grade students are to find their sibling and wait with them, while actively looking for their ride.

Families that “walk up” to pick up their students are asked to stage in our waiting area near the front office and enter the playground through our south gate when picking up students. Walk up families, please encourage your students to wait for you near our south gate (near the office) in order to help relieve congestion elsewhere.

Families who “drive up” using our pull through are asked to remain in their cars in the left lane and wait for their student(s) to be brought to them. Please pull forward as much as possible within the pull through. Likewise, please be patient and aware of pedestrians and staff members directing traffic.