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The Village Charter School is a free, public K-8 charter school. Life in a village offers the opportunity for each member to bring their gifts, talents, and abilities to the forefront in order to strengthen the larger community. TVCS is like a village, wherein every member is valued as an individual with talents to be cultivated and shared and is a vital member of a larger whole. Every member of our village works together toward the common goal of a safe environment, wherein learning flourishes and students feel safe, supported, respected, accomplished, fulfilled and important. Students are instilled with the values of integrity, honesty, hard work, perseverance, loyalty, dependability, compassion, empathy, respect, leadership, consideration and confidence.

teacher reading with a student

Consistency is a fundamental part of our village’s approach to education. Our innovative teaching methods provide teachers with tools to assess the needs of their students in order to maximize each student’s growth and success. These methods create an environment that is engaging, academically accelerated, progressive, and motivating to foster a love of learning in our students. It is the goal of The Village Charter School to help each student discover and reach his or her full academic potential while also cultivating their unique gifts and talents in a safe, supportive, loving environment.

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Members of The Village Charter School work together, reach out to those around them, and are aware that they are part of a greater community and can make a difference. Through their education at TVCS, students are equipped to handle real-world situations, are given tools to approach academic challenges, and are prepared for higher education. They understand the importance of obtaining satisfying employment, and ultimately become responsible citizens and leaders who make positive contributions to the world in which they live. Our village includes students, teachers, administrators, parents and other community members all working together to support the students in a positive way that invites learning to be challenging, exciting, interesting, hands-on and a lifelong endeavor (TVCS Charter, page 5).