Rock Landscape Project!

The Village Charter School invites you to contribute to our campus project. Students, staff and guests are invited to contribute to brightening our school campus.

Past and present students and staff members of The Village Charter School have been asked to paint a small to medium sized river rock with colorful acrylic paint. The rocks are then coated with a protective surface to prevent weathering.

Students have already begun modifying portions of our current landscaping closest to Fairview Avenue and have built a dry creek of colored rock!

These 500 painted rocks that have already been placed are only the start of a stream of color running through campus landscaping. Our vision is for the river of colorful rock to grow in length and eventually flow around the corner and down Fairmeadow Avenue. 

If students, staff, families, friends and neighbors would like to help, we need more rocks! Please send painted, or unpainted, rocks to school. Rocks should be smooth and about the size of a small “baked potato”. If you have already painted the rocks, place them in the milk crate that is near the sidewalk of Fairview Avenue. If you have unpainted rock, place them on the other side of the colored rock in the area designated.

If you are associated with a local business and would like to help, we hope to reach you on the telephone and ask for any possible donation of material and/or delivery of material. We would also like to discuss options of including signage for your generous donation. This will let the public know how you have supported a local charter school!

Please contact Ryan Porter, Physical Education and Health Teacher, at or call our direct line at 208.336.2000

Thank you!