Dear Patrons,

Thank you for your patience during this difficult period. We have been working hard to find solutions to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 disruption on our families, and protect our community at the same time. 

At present, there is no confirmed case of the Coronavirus at our school, nor to the best of our knowledge are any members of our school community under observation for potential virus exposure.

The safety of our families is considered in all decisions we make at the school. After reviewing information put forth by the CDC, state and local government agencies, and the valuable input of our surveyed families and staff, we will be taking the following steps:

  • We will extend our school spring break to begin on March 16, 2020 instead of the scheduled date of March 21, 2020. 
  • On April 6, 2020, we will begin conduct distance learning for at least one week, and then make decisions on how education will continue to be delivered based on conditions at that point in time. 

We have already begun preparations with staff on how this will be achieved. More details will be worked out and disseminated as time allows.

The decision for school closure is a complex one. We understand some families could have difficulty finding appropriate child care. We encourage our families to work together by sharing information and resources while minimizing risk of exposure. Many grandparents and elders in the community (who are particularly vulnerable to severe cases of COVID-19), are often the caregivers to children when parents need to work. This exposure to potentially infected (but potentially asymptomatic) youth is of particular concern. We value your input, and hope that you will share your thoughts and continue to work with us toward the best possible outcome.

We ask that you and your children NOT visit the campus until we have thoroughly cleaned the school, and have a system in place to preserve distancing. We anticipate having a plan in place for that on April 6th. If you feel you must come by before then, please do so by making an appointment with our front office.

The school administration and the board want to thank our families for responding to our survey regarding the best course of action. Support in favor of the extended spring break was about 85% with 70% of families responding to our questionnaire in a very short time. Distanced learning has support of over 90% of respondents. This information was critical to support our decision making and we cannot thank you enough!

Tony Richard                                         Jake Hays

Lead Administrator, TVCS                    Secretary, TVCS Board of Trustees