March 25, 2020


Please know at this time we still have no confirmed cases of the virus within our school community. We have been notified by two families that are experiencing flu like symptoms in their household and we are staying in touch with them as we move forward through the month. If we have a confirmed case of Covid-19 reported to the school, we will notify our community.

As most of you are aware our governor has issued an official directive for all people to remain at home for the next 21 days. In the days to follow, an update will continue to be posted for our patrons; however for the most up to date information regarding how the State of Idaho is managing the current pandemic, please go to the SDE website that has been already provided in previous updates.

Additionally, please note it was previously reported that both the ISAT and IRI were going to besuspended for the current year. That information is incorrect. The ISAT implementation is suspended for the current year; however the IRI is presently still in play. If the IRI implementation is suspended for this year, you will be notified.

Most sincerely,

Tony Richard
Lead Administrator, TVCS