TVCS continues to be a safe and secure learning environment for students.  

This week TVCS has implemented several measures to ensure that students remain safe while on campus.    The Central District Health recommendations for masks, face shields, hand washing, increased ventilation, and distancing have successfully kept small groups of "at-risk" students safe while on campus for their first week of face-to-face learning.  

While the majority of the student body is still at home learning online, TVCS has been able to help families of essential works and academically struggling students to provide limited face-to-face instruction for the past week.    

Staff and Teachers at TVCS have been able to practice implementing routines for hand-washing, standing "two arms lengths" distance in lines, and wearing masks or face shields.    Students have been very responsive to learning to apply these health guidelines and still socialize, play, learn, and eat at school safely. 

As more students transition back to campus in the coming weeks, TVCS will continue to learn and adjust the safety guidelines to keep students, staff, and families safe.