Over Spring Break, our kids raised a grand total of $1,865.55 dollars to support TVCS programs for 2021-22 by logging the minutes they read.  

Each of the Read-a-thon participants received a bookmark to mark the occasion of being an outstanding reader!

The class with the most minutes read was Ms. Norman's 5th grade class! They read a whopping total of 11,392 minutes! Wahoo!

The top reader in EACH grade level recieved a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card! 

Those Top Readers are:

A.M Kindergarten - C. Wambeke with 865 minutes read!
Kindergarten- A. Horeczy with 275 minutes read!
1st grade- J. Huether with 1,068 minutes read!
2nd grade- O. Decamp with 1,005 minutes read!
3rd grade- C. Huether with 2,720 minutes read!
4th grade- M. Morley with 2,458 minutes read!
5th grade- E. Jenkins with 3,138 minutes read!
6th grade-L. Kleman with 3,096 minutes read!
7th grade- L. Wright with 1,780minutes read!
8th grade- A. Earl with 1,551 minutes read!
M.A.C- T. Gibson with 211 minutes read!

The GRAND PRIZE Winner of a KINDLE Paperwhite went to K.Davis in Ms. Norman's 5th grade class! He read a total of 3,301 minutes!

TOTAL MINUTES READ: 41,736 minutes