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The Village Charter School community inspires students to cultivate their individual gifts and abilities, equipping them to discover meaningful value and purpose in the world.

Cultivating Critical Thinkers, Developing Strong Leaders

The Village Charter School provides a challenging, hands-on curriculum to cultivate students to be critical thinkers and confident leaders in a safe, supportive and loving environment.

Our Village includes passionate, supportive and encouraging teachers, administrators, parents and community members all working together to support our students.

Educational Program

Teaching effective leadership principles using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People;

Teaching character development using the ACE Approach and Core Values;

Achieving and maintaining Franklin Covey’s Lighthouse School status;

Teaching differentiation using the Limitless Learning Method;

Using teaching methods and curriculum that are challenging and engaging, research-based, hands-on, real-world applicable, and develop critical thinking skills.

Tuition Free K-8 Education                      

Charter schools are state-funded, free public schools.

Limitless Learning

We offer innovative support to challenge all learners at their level of understanding.

Modified Traditional Calendar

We offer a four-day school week, Monday through Thursday,

and offer a one week Fall break and two-week Spring break.

“Whole Child” Approach

We provide leadership tools for success beyond TVCS.

Hands-On Interest-Driven Electives

Electives are volunteer-supported, focused-learning classes, with 50 + choices offered per year.

Some past offerings include: cooking, outdoor survival, theatre, photography, sign language, sewing, sports, etc.

Spanish, Music & P.E. Offered K-8

 These classes are taught to all grades in addition to our high quality core curriculum